Jota Performance in Pamplona, a traditional dance of the region
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Value, experience, service. We have hosted over 15,000 guests in Pamplona and are the largest provider with the most unique experiences and most competitive pricing. Look at this comparison of our Running of the Bulls Pamplona tour packages to those of our competition.


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Pamplona Local

Local insight and expertise guides every recommendation we make for our Running of the Bulls® tours – allowing you to experience the San Fermín Festival and Pamplona in true style. Learn about special events and locations only a local could find and be ushered past lines to private areas that are only accessible to our guests.

Concierge Approach

Throughout your entire experience, we become your personal assistants, catering to your every need. From creating and booking your custom Running of the Bulls® tour to the smallest need while you are in Pamplona, we are here to guide you. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to make arrangements, order you a car, provide dinner reservations or even to help organize your own personal special event. If you stay in one of our Host Hotels, your personal ‘safety net’ is right there in the lobby.

Exclusive Partnerships

We present exceptional locations and amenities for the Running of the Bulls® and the San Fermin Festival through relationships unique to our travel network, thanks to our Pamplona connections. The most elite terraces for attending the Txupinazo Opening Ceremony and Pobre de Mi Closing Ceremony are offered only by us. Our VIP parties and venues are private, providing indulgences most visitors wouldn’t dream of. Partnerships with our host hotels offer the most luxurious accommodations available.

Knowledgeable Staff

A complete and informed staff is always on hand to assist in booking your Pamplona tour, as well as on-site once you arrive to the city. During your travels, our team is available to guide you through your entire San Fermin Festival experience, helping you better understand each activity and the deep-rooted history behind the numerous traditions. Spanish language concierge support is also available for any situation you may encounter.

Exceptional Experiences‎™

Our goal is to create a unique, luxury experience for each and every guest. From our Pamplona Local to our Exclusive Partnerships, our connections allow you to live the San Fermin Festival and Running of the Bulls® like a local. Personalized, local recommendations for even the smallest details of your trip, including dining options, special events or what to wear, make the journey truly yours. Allow us to usher you into a marvelous Exceptional Experience in Pamplona!

Don't take our word for it, take theirs ...

Testimonial about the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona
"They were fantastic to deal with ... we always received a speedy response and thorough breakdown of where to meet, timings, and what was on offer"
- Lamborghini Group, London
"They made everything very convenient and the personnel were helpful and reliable. I plan on returning for 2013."
- Brandon Walton
"I loved it ... I am very glad to have pre-organised a balcony for the bull run and my seats for the bull fight were in a great position."
- Chantelle Abela

Our Story

How it all Began …

In summer of 2004, my first trip to the Running of the Bulls® in Pamplona, as an experienced business traveler, I assumed I could roll in, find a hotel and get a meal easily enough. I drove my rented Alpha Romeo through the Pyrenees, enjoying the breathtaking scenery along the Spanish-French border. After a fantastic lunch of Txistora, Piquillo Rellenos and Queso de Cabra at a Basque mountain restaurant, I stopped at the regional tourist center to get info about the Bull Run. When the lady found I didn’t have a hotel reservation in Pamplona, she gasped in shock and gave me a kind but pitiful look. She handed me a guide book and wished me luck.

I didn’t fully appreciate the gravity of my situation until I arrived in town and saw that I was competing with 500,000 people for the basic necessities of life. I got creative and found food, drink and shelter, but far from luxury versions of them. This minor discomfort started me on my path of making the San Fermín Festival and the Running of the Bulls® more accessible and enjoyable to travelers.

Almost 9 years later, we have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people in Pamplona have an unforgettable San Fermín Festival and Run with the Bulls. We go beyond the basic necessities to bring you the best that Pamplona has to offer: gourmet Navarran cuisine, fine Rioja wines and the best hotels in the region.

We’re happy to announce that our unique blend of local, custom and luxury is now available in other locations around the world as well. Festival Pros™ invites you to add more great destinations and experience to your bucket list. Keep in touch and let me know what we can do to help you make the most of your travels.

Mark Hellmann Regouby, Founder

Running of the Bulls, Inc.

PS: If you’re looking for other interesting experiences in Europe, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest destination, Bastille Day in Paris.

Education in Peru - Authentic Progress for Personal Philanthropy

Authentic Progress™ - Share hope for the future

We believe that support for future generations is critical throughout the world. Authentic Progress™ was founded so that we might share this outlook with our partners and visitors. Our alliance with allows us to sponsor Local Heroes in developing countries, creating valuable opportunities in education, employment and sustainable development.