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Since our founding, we have been a Social Enterprise – supporting sustainable development among the poor and creating employment in developing countries. Our customer service center in Lima, Peru provides both employment and vocational training for young Peruvians. We founded Authentic Progress™ to support Local Heroes – people who create new opportunities for themselves and their community. Through our partnership with, a non-profit organization, we are able to support three Local Hero projects in Peru.

Here are the Local Heroes we support:

Help Them Hope - Healing and Education in Peru with Authentic Progress and Personal Philanthropy

Help Them Hope

Located near Lima, Peru, Hogar San Francisco de Asis is a home and healing facility for sick children whose families do not have the funds or resources to provide treatment themselves. While many of these children fully recover to lead happy and healthy lives, many will continue to need special assistance due to permanent handicaps. Through the Help Them Hope project, these extraordinary children are supported with education and technical training to provide the necessary skills for sustaining a fulfilling, independent life.

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Anyi - Community Development

In the small village of Alto de los mores in Peru, this project strives to provide tools and resources to assist its people in climbing out of extreme poverty. Through scholarships, children are allowed to complete their education while parents are given microloans to create a sustainable business for themselves. Other efforts include access to healthcare, the planting of medicinal Neem trees, and even replacing dangerous in-home open stoves that cause many illnesses and injuries, especially to children. The end goal of this Community Development project is to pass on the responsibility to naturally emerging local leaders.

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Niño del Arco Iris – Kuychi

Many children and families near Urubamba, Peru are suffering through a lack of hygiene, medical care, education and food due to their impoverished circumstances. The Kuychi project endeavors to provide a full-circle solution to allow these people to help themselves. Through donations, this program includes a Day Center that provides children with food, medicine and education, CETPRO where young adults acquire trade skills in hopes of finding employment, traditional handcrafting techniques taught to mothers for product exportation, and more.

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