The San Fermin Fesitval - Running of the Bulls
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What is the San Fermin Festival?

The festival of San Fermin, known to locals as Sanfermines, originated as a religious affair in honor of Saint Fermin, a patron of Navarra, and dates back to the Middle Ages. Sometime in the 1400s, with the addition of festivities including music, a tournament and bullfights, a version of the San Fermin Festival we see today was born. The festival originally lasted a mere two days and was celebrated in October until 1591 when the Pamplonicas determined July would be a more pleasant time of year. At present, the San Fermin Festival kicks off July 6th at noon with the Txupinazo Opening Ceremony and comes to a close with the Pobre de Mi Closing Ceremony on July 14th at midnight. History also documents other additions to the festival throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, including the most well-known event occurring during the San Fermin Fiesta: the Running of the Bulls® or “Encierro.”

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