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Pobre de Mi – Saying goodbye to the San Fermin Festival


The last day of the Sanfermines is a bittersweet day because of the many farewells and overall melancholy- However it’s alsoa happy day, because the mayor of Pamplona, tells us that there are only 365 days until the next Sanfermines!

July 14 is a very special day for me, because throughout there are many events you can attend which can be emotional. For example, the farewell to the giants, and kilikis at Plaza Consistorial, where children and adults say goodbye to the big heads who made us run and the giants who have danced for us every morning to the beat of the bagpipes and txistus (typical instrument).

In the afternoon we also sadly say goodbye to the Peñas in the Plaza de Toros. They are the musical bands with whom we enjoyed dancing and singing with in the streets during the whole festival.

And finally, in the evening, the event that closes the festivities, the Poor Me (Pobre de Mi), ceremony held on July 14 at midnight in the Town Hall square.

There, we all wait for the mayor of Pamplona, who from the balcony of the Ayuntamiento, announces the end of the San Fermin festival and tells us that at 12 noon on July 6 of the next year, we will all return to celebrate the festival of San Fermin once again.

Once the mayor goes to the balcony and shouts: Ya falta menos para el glorioso San Fermín (Not long for the glorious San Fermin!), we remove the neck scarf, light a white candle, put it up and started to sing the popular song … Pobre de mí, pobre de mi, que se han acabado las fiestas de San Fermín … (Poor me, poor me, the fiestas of San Fermín are now over).

With the final fireworks, and some tears … officially The Running of the Bulls™, ends. Some people (more and more) leave their pañuelico and their candle at the doors of the Church of San Lorenzo, where is there is an image of the saint.

Beginning at midnight, the festivities are over and the city transforms back to normal … many people go to rest after 9 days straight, but others don’t want for the crazy and traditional festival to end, so they try to squeeze in one last night of partying in the bars of Pamplona until they close.

If you’re in Pamplona July 14, do not miss this event! If you want to sing, laugh, and drink champagne with us, join us on our Pamplona Penthouse Terrace, to say goodbye to the sanfermines until next year.

Ya falta menos!!

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