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Running of the Bulls Hotels

Find your home away from home during the San Fermin Festival with our available 3, 4 and 5 star hotel accommodations. Whether you choose to be right in the middle of the fiesta in the Party Zone or just outside the city center in the Quiet Zone, has the ideal room to meet your needs. Hotels throughout Pamplona and the surrounding areas fill quickly. Book yours today!

The offerings below are for set dates (2 nights). If you need assistance booking a hotel with dates other than those offered, please contact us and one of our concierge specialist will be able to assist you. We'd also be happy to talk with you via chat.

Hotel AC Ciudad de Pamplona by Marriot (2 Nights)
Location:  Pamplona, Spain
This modern Hotel is in Pamplona, next to the University area and a 20 minute walk from Pamplona's Old Town. Located at Iturrama Street, is the perfect place to rest during the running of the bulls.
US $800.80
Hotel AC Zizur Mayor by Marriot (2 Nights)
Location:  Pamplona, Spain
This elegant and modern hotel is located in the town Zizur Mayor, only 3Km (1.2 miles) from Pamplona. If you are traveling by car and are you looking for quiet nights, this is your hotel!
US $616.00
Hotel Castillo de Gorraiz Golf & Spa (2 nights)
Location:  Pamplona, Spain
Need at least a little rest during the fiesta? Book through and stay at this superior hotel that is only a 15 minute drive (free transport offered by hotel) to the Old City.
US $448.00
Hotel Iruña Palace Tres Reyes (2 Nights)
Location:  Pamplona, Spain
This conveniently located 4-Star Hotel, is located on the edge of the Old Town of Pamplona. It's a great place to be able to enjoy the Bull Run, Bullfights, Fireworks and Procesion.
US $901.60
Hotel Maisonnave (2 nights)
Location:  Pamplona, Spain
If your wish is to be in the midst of all the action during your stay in Pamplona and throughout the San Fermin Festival, this is the hotel for you!
US $602.00
Hotel NH Iruña Park (2 Nights)
Location:  Pamplona, Spain
This hotel is located 20 minutes walking from the Old town. It is the largest hotel in Pamplona and conveniently located if you want to avoid the crowds but still be able to walk to the bull route.
US $708.40
Hotel Puerta del Camino (2 nights)
Location:  Pamplona, Spain
The Hotel Puerta del Camino, a luxury, renovated medieval convent, is a jewel among Pamplona's hotels, located just a short walk from the most popular streets of Pamplona.
US $797.72