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Running of the Bulls Tour with an Expert Runner

Location:  Pamplona, Navarra, ES
Starting From: US $50.00

Learn bull running strategy from one of the best, and get as close as possible to the reality of being a bull runner.  Our Encierro tour is hosted by Dennis Clancey, expert bull runner and Director of the soon-to-be-released movie, Chasing Red (Sponsored by Running of the Bulls, Inc.)  Dennis will introduce you to the corrals of Santo Domingo, the beginning of the run up Santo Domingo street, the Portico, the Ayuntamiento (town hall), Mercaderes street, La Curva, the long stretch up Estafeta, and finally Telefonica and Callejon, the alleyway into the Plaza de Toros.  

This hour-long tour is your most informative, professional option for getting to know the Running of the Bulls route and history.  Capacity is strictly capped at 30 to keep the group size manageable and to provide wireless listening devices to help you hear Dennis, even on the busy street.

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After June 2nd: No Refund

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