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The Running of the Bulls™ Video On-Demand

#ROTBthroughGlass: Daily Webcast from Pamplona

Episode 1:

Welcome to Pamplona! We celebrate the arrival of our Google Glass winner, Noble Ackerson, and immerse him into Fiesta immediately. Noble is invited to the Pamplona City Hall to celebrate the Txupinazo Opening Ceremonies with the Mayor and other city officials. We also visit the Otazu winery just outside of Pamplona, and get a full replay of the first bull run of the 2013 Running of the Bulls.

More Episodes:

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The World’s Largest Fiesta™

From the chaos of the Txupinazo Opening Ceremonies on July 6th to the somber Pobre de Mi Closing Ceremonies, the San Fermin Festival is much more than just the Running of the Bulls. There are over 430 events to entertain the million-plus revelers.

The bulls have been running for over 700 years, and runners continue to test themselves each morning at 8:00am, 8 days in a row.

Each episode of our webcast, we will bring you:

  • Running of the Bulls through the eyes of our Google Glass contest winner
  • Review of daily results
  • Background stories on runners
  • Advice from expert runners
  • Stories from the San Fermin fiesta

For questions or comments please contact Noelle.

About the #ROTBthroughGlass Contest & Winners

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