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The Running of the Bulls™ Video On-Demand

#ROTBthroughGlass: Daily Webcast from Pamplona

Episode 2:

Our #ROTBthroughGlass contest winner, Noble Ackerson, goes to Bull Run 101 to learn how to run with the bulls as safely as possible. Dennis Clancey, expert bull runner, offers a commentary on the day’s bull run. announces its sponsorship of Dennis’ upcoming movie project, Chasing Red. We go behind the scenes to learn how the Giants (Gigantes) and Big-heads (Cabezudos) came to be. We also get to see Today Through Glass, where Noble shares images and video from his event-filled day in Pamplona. Finally, we jump on stage with the band La Pegatina as they entertain 10,000 fans at the San Fermin Festival.

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